What we do

Pearls of Hope Community Center is a year round youth center dedicated to helping young girls and boys become responsible and contributing members of society by providing religious education, improving academic skills, offering opportunities to learn practical life skills, and encouraging our youth to look beyond themselves to make a difference in their communities.

Our Mission

Instilling a strong Muslim identity by learning the Quran, hadith, seerah, stories of the Prophets, and more, in order to turn knowledge of the religion into action. Helping women of all ages improve their social status and well-being through education, career guidance, mentoring, family counseling, and learning various life skills such as cooking, knitting, parenting, and healthy lifestyle. Promoting a strong moral character that enhances awareness of our neighborhoods and broader communities through participation in community service projects, field trips, and volunteering at places such as nursing homes and homeless shelters. Creating a safe atmosphere to engage in philosophical and cultural discussions through weekly classes that encourage development of moral beliefs and shape the young, intelligent minds of tomorrow’s mothers, educators, and professionals.

Our Vision

We invision that every girl and boy who walks through our door leaves a better, more knowledgeable Muslim and a more confident and compassionate person than the one who entered.

Pearls Brochure

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