What we do

Pearls of Hope Community Center is a safe space to engage in religious, philosophical and cultural discussions. We challenge our youth to become critical thinkers. We cultivate leadership by helping sharpen their problem solving skills and teaching practical life skills. Through strategic collaborations, we offer career guidance and provide volunteer opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mentor the leaders of tomorrow using religious education as our foundation and inspiring the use of knowledge into action.



Our Vision

That youth who come through our program leave a more knowledgeable Muslim and a more confident, compassionate, contributing citizen of our community.

Our Story

Pearls of Hope was established in late 2009 by our Founder, sister Danyal Masoud. Danyal grew up in Chicago where , like many young Muslims, she faced many challenges and struggles. She started Pearls of Hope to provide a safe space for youth facing a lot of the same struggles she did growing up. She wanted to be the mentor she would have wanted and needed at their age. So Pearls of Hope was born in the basement of a masjid here in the Twin cities with one class of fifteen girls. The girls who joined the program were given the space to navigate feelings of insecurity and isolation that they often feel in our society. In sister Danyal, the girls found a loving mentor who would listen, counsel and support them unconditionally. They participated in circles of halaqa where they were given the tools to build a solid muslim identity in a an inspiring, engaging and fun environment. On March 30, 2015, Pearls of Hope Community Center was Incorporated. Through its impact, Pearls of Hope grew to offer guidance and support to over 200 youth across 7 programs. The number of volunteers and mentors also grew and we started to offer a wide range of activities and events. We have also added a Health and Wellness component by offering women 14 and up space to learn about health and wellness and to work out in a safe space. Today Pearls of Hope continues to offer guidance, support and a safe space to thrive personally, spiritually and academically.