The Pearls was designed for girls going through what is arguably the most challenging part of growing up: 6th-8th grade aka Middle School. Still growing into their own ever-changing body while desperately trying to figure out just who they are; it’s both a scary and confusing time. We’ve designed this program to be a weekly refuge from it all. Every week, we start off with a weekly recap where we encourage the girls to share things that happened to them during the week, both happy and sad. The other girls then congratulate, condole, or advise based on their own experiences. Next we have an interactive halaqa involving our annual theme. After a quick social snack break we wrap up with a fun engaging activity. This is also the year girls get to participate in the anticipated Pearls Ball. The Pearls ball is our alternative to the prom. An elegant evening for the girls to dress up and enjoy an evening of food, fun and festivities!

11-13 years old (Middle School)

Saturday From 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm