The Diamond’s program is the oldest program at the Pearls of Hope center. Classes and workshops have been running since 2009. The classes are designed to help our teens become strong in their life and become great citizens that can be helping members of this society. It is our focus to encourage these Diamonds to shine and become the leaders of tomorrow. The classes offer open discussions that allow the young teens to speak about challenges they face in high school and in the outside world. The meeting also includes activities and fun learning. They have time in the kitchen where they learn to cook, prepare healthy snacks and so on. The Diamonds also have presentations that they’ve planned as a part of projects and win prizes such as iPods, cameras, gifts, and gift cards.


Excellence in everything  “a year of service”


14-19 (High School and first year of college)


Friday Nights from 5:30 – 8:30 pm


Hereafter, I am a new person “Purify your heart”, Allah is calling pick up the call, Allah and his Messenger


Know Your Rights: We invited CAIR to enlighten our girls on where to go and how to protect their rights.

Career Day: We invited professionals from the community to help our girls find careers  they are passionate about and learn how to go about becoming professionals.

Writing: Women authors came and spoke to our girls to teach them the value of writing and the steps to take to become writers.

Organizing your Life: As teens one of the struggles is to be focused and organized. We brought professional to help our girls to be more organized and learn how to stay focused.

Organic Henna making

All about hair day

Flyers makings

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