Pearls Summer Camp

Pearls of Hope Community Center is super excited to partnered with Samjoko Legacy Martial Arts school
Sumer camp of your dreams. 
Boys Taekwondo,  girls boxing.

End of the Year Celebration

May 18, 2019

Fridley Highschool


Welcome to Pearls of Hope Community Center

At Pearls, we strive in helping our young girls and boys become responsible and contributing members of society by providing career guidance, religious education and teaching them academic skills, such as communication skills, presentation skills, problem solving skills, and practical life skills.

Our Programs

The Pearls of Hope Community Center programs present Islamic studies in a unique and engaging way. The goal is to not only teach the religion, but to make our youth proud of it and learn practical, meaningful ways to incorporate it into their lives. We create a welcoming space where knowledge can grow and the sisterhood/brotherhood can thrive. Click on the icons below to learn about each program.


Building a Muslim identity through learning and creativity.



Nurturing spiritually, mentally and physically with fun hands-on activities.



Providing a safe space to help young women navigate this unique time of change in their lives.


Mentoring our teenagers to become productive, responsible and philanthropic adults.


Guiding our boys to grow into great men following the example of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

House of Scholars

Learning our deen through understanding the Quran and following the footsteps of the great scholars.


After school class for male adults focused on the recitation and the Tajweed of the Holy Quran.

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