Join us for an evening filled with inspiration and empowerment as we discuss and reflect on a very important topic “Empowering Our Youth Together” as well as celebrate our student’s success and achievements this year!

Ticket includes Iftaar dinner, babysitting, Quran Ceremony, performances and Keynote. 

Event Details

  • Saturday, May 26, 2018 6pm – 10pm
  • St. Paul Student Center: 2017 Buford Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55108 (North Star Ballroom)
  • Tickets: $10/ Person OR $40/ Family of 5
  • Keynote by Shaykh Hani Suleiman
  • Babysitting Available

Shaykh Hani Suleiman received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Detroit – Mercy in 1985, double majoring in Civil Engineering and Computer Science. He received a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies from the American Open University and later on pursued a master’s degree in Islamic Studies with the Graduate Theological Foundation. After moving to Charlotte, NC, he founded the Islamic Center of Charlotte in 1992. A few years later he moved to Michigan and founded the Islamic Center of Detroit and an Islamic School. He has been a Hajj group director for the past 25 years, leading people on their journeys and aiding them during their unique experiences. Shaykh Hani has been an imam, fundraiser, and mosque director for many years, and his previous roles range from leading prayers to conference management to leadership initiatives.








Tickets can be purchased online or from the center

$10/ Person OR $40/ Family of 5

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