This week has been one of great pain and confusion in our community as we buried our brother Bassil Zaidan Wazwaz (Allah yirhamo). May Allah cast mercy and peace upon his soul.

There are many normal reactions to such an experience and nonetheless they are difficult to endure. Some of you may be experiencing:

  • difficulty sleeping
  • crying a lot
  • feeling like you can’t cry
  • feeling confused
  • feeling angry
  • feeling guilt
  • feeling fear
  • unable to function
  • intrusive thoughts and images relating to events that led to his death

These are some of the many things that normal people experience as a result of loss, and a especially sudden loss such as the one we have just endured.









As a licensed psychologist in the community I would like to welcome youth closest to Bassil and youth finding themselves struggling since this tragedy unfolded, to join in a Debriefing Group where we can talk about Bassil (Allah Yirhamo) and where you can freely share how you feel, hear from others, and also learn how to cope with what has happened and how you can protect yourself from feeling worse. Some will choose to actively participate while others will choose to listen- every way you want to engage is accepted.

We will meet inshallah on Sunday January 7 at 4:00pm at Pearl’s of Hope Center: 3055 Old Hwy 8 Suite 190 St. Anthony MN 55418 (3rd floor). 

Dr. Layla Asamarai

Group Registration (required)

  • List any questions or concerns that you would like Dr. Layla Asamarai to know. Your answer will remain confidential.

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